Pursuit Racing 2017

  “To help change the perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young,”

-F1 in Schools

About Our Team

Our team is made up of six students from year 11 and 13, all of whom have great passion in design, engineering, and marketing. We were handpicked to participate in the F1 in Schools World Finals in Malaysia, representing Thailand against 44 other countries in this September. As one of the only two teams representing Thailand, the newest country to participate in this programme, we promise that, to the best of our abilities, we will aim to be number one – to be in pursuit of the championship and showcase to the world the potentialities that our team possesses.


We collectively decided that we wanted a team name that was minimalistic, modern and memorable. ‘Pursuit’ was a suggestion by one of our team members and we all agreed.


Unlike other teams that have competed and won their regional and national competitions, we have absolutely no previous experience whatsoever. As such, we would have to try harder – from designing to manufacturing to finding sponsors and advertising – to cover the experience gap within the time limit before the World Finals.


Currently, as we haven’t done much, our choices are quite limited. But if we have to choose, it would be having the opportunity to compete in the first place. All of us can attest that this is a great opportunity, and we would like to reap as much experience as we can from this participation.


It would probably be when we were thinking about our team’s name. Initially, our name was going to be PCFC Racing, which stood for Prayut Chan-O-Cha Fan Club – but that was, unsurprisingly, rejected.


Having only three months from start to finish is the biggest challenge ever.


It will be a great chance for our team to meet other competitors, see all the other cars, and gain a better understanding of the F1 in Schools competition to help us produce even better cars next year.

It would be a big task for us to be as well-prepared as other competitors when the World Finals comes; however, we truly believe that we can aim for the championship in our first try!


We watch F1 on TV and some of our favourite drivers are Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.


Start a lot earlier than we did!


When we taste some success, we will let you know!


We get to learn new skills such as CAD-CAM, aerodynamics, marketing, graphics design, website design, social networking, social interactions, and financial management.

Our Members

‘Hello, I am the Team Manager of Pursuit Racing. My job is to coordinate the team and make sure everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it. I am in charge of checking the quality of all our work that is going to be submitted and helping my team members whenever I can.’

‘Hi, I am the Design Manager and Design Engineer of Pursuit Racing. My job involves coordinating the design and manufacturing parts and working on the R&D of our design process. It is a fun challenge!’

‘Hello, I am the Design Engineer and Graphic Designer of Pursuit Racing. My role involves designing the team’s promotional material, such as visual elements of our portfolios and pit display, managing the website, and helping with designing, analysing, and manufacturing our car.’

‘Hello, I am the Manufacturing Manager of Pursuit Racing. My job is to use the CNC program to manufacture the car out of the F1 block, attach the wheels and axle system, and paint the car. My role is to make our team’s car design come to life!’

‘Hi, I am the Marketing Manager of Pursuit Racing. I am responsible for establishing brand awareness and contacting potential sponsors, informing them about the competition, the team, and the investment returns that they could potentially get through our sponsorship packages.’

‘Hi, I am the Social Media and Public Relations manager of Pursuit Racing. My job is to advertise our team through social media. Furthermore, I give a return on investment to sponsors by promoting them on social media. I also organize events, such as the STEM week in our school. Lastly, I communicate with the press for television programs, radio broadcasting, and news.’

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The World Finals this year will take place in September in Malaysia, just before the official Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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F1 in Schools is an exciting STEM education based competition run by Formula One that has participants (aged 9-19) from all over the world.

Teams across countries are required to design and manufacture their own model cars using advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software as well as 3D Printers. These cars will be raced along a 20m track and assessed according to a number of features such as the quality of the manufacturing and speed of the car. Alongside this, teams also have to develop a strategic marketing plan in order to establish business links and raise enough funds through sponsorship.

Our Sponsors

Thank you for your generous contributions to making our journey towards F1 in Schools World Finals a reality, your brands will appear on our clothing and promotional materials in any event our team participates in. We greatly appreciate your help and are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Co, Ltd.
Amnuay Silpa School
Amnuay Silpa Alumni Organisation

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