Brand Now is a company that advises several businesses of all sizes, providing marketing and PR services which range from campaign creation and execution to marketing research and strategies, event organizations, digital PR, and so much more! We got to talk to Ms Pacharee Pantoomano, the co-founder of Brand Now Co. Ltd., via Skype. She coached us on marketing and PR and how to raise brand awareness. The bit of advice that helped us the most was on writing a press release, which ultimately won us more publicity and relevancy. Even though we were not there to interview Ms Pantoomano in person, she sent us an interview video of herself. Our interview with Ms Pantoomano is available down below.

Q: What made you decide to mentor Pursuit Racing Thailand team?

A: Well, I come from a long line of educators. My grandfather is the headmaster of a school, three of his seven children are also teachers. So I believe that in order to develop yourself, you should educate yourself, as well as help others to be educated. I believe in paying it forward. I think it’s really important that you’re experiencing your knowledge. Whatever you’ve accumulated in life? You’re meant to share it, so this is my way of paying it forward.

Q: What are your thoughts on the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge?

A: I think that the F1 In Schools competition is an awesome idea. I really love that it is being rolled out and students of all different countries are participating in it. STEM education is very important when students are moving forward, as technology is more need in our lives and there’s a lot more disruption in everything that’s happening right now. With the Thailand government 4.0 with a digital economy, I really think it’s important that Thai students embrace STEM education more. So I love that this team had gotten together to pursue this competition together.

Q: What was it like mentoring the members of Pursuit Racing?

A: I think when we first started talking with the team, I didn’t fully understand the timeline, and later I understood what they needed to put together. I think one of the tools that we use in our office is called Gantt chart, so if we want to finish a certain project for a client on time, we work backwards. So we slice up the time in which we need to work in order to achieve those goals. I think at the time I started talking to the Pursuit Racing team, I think there wasn’t a clarity on that, and by the time we really got into the conversation, like what needed to happen and how much time was actually available for it to take place, I think they really started to come together on that and I’m really happy to see that happen.

Q: Do you have any blessings you would like to say to the team?

A: I think my blessings would be that I love that you guys are pursuing this competition, and I love that you are fulfilling your greatness. And whether you win or lose in this competition, keep up the great work. I’m so proud of you and I’m rooting for you. Yeah, keep me posted! Lots of love to you guys and I hope to see you soon.