Pursuit Racing

  • My role involves both coordinating the team as well as designing the fastest car possible by working with CAD software and incorporating aerodynamic theories. Naturally, the designers work alongside the manufacturer to ensure that our cars are produced at the highest precision and quality.
    Team Manager, Engineer
  • My role involves helping Por with coordinating the team, ensuring we are on track and well ready for the World Finals. As an Engineer, I coordinate the designing and manufacturing of our cars and work on the R&D of our design processes. I also create the team’s brand image and graphics across the competition assets.
    Lead Engineer, Graphic Designer
  • My role focuses on the manufacturing of our cars and adding finishing touches. Alongside other engineers, I also take part in the design process, ensuring regulations compliance, and looking after the end products to make sure that we will not get any unexpected surprises!
    Manufacturing Engineer
  • My role involves finding, contacting, and negotiating with potential sponsors, who will assist on the team’s expenditure. Every aspect of the production process relies heavily on cash, hence I make sure that the amount of money raised reaches the goal, and that we utilise it in the most efficient manner at all stages throughout the competition. Additionally, I am responsible for F1 in Schools™ programme marketing and collaborative events with sponsors.
    Marketing Manager
  • My role involves keeping track of and recording the date and amount of expenses and revenues of the team, as well as producing pecuniary reports. I am also responsible for setting a long-term financial goal and making sure we achieve it.
    Financial Manager
  • My role involves running the team’s social media, updating the latest news about Pursuit Racing and interacting with the audience to increase the awareness and reputation of our team. I organise meetings with potential sponsors and contact the media to produce news on television, radio, and online platforms.
    Communications Manager

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Our Sponsors

Thank you for your generous contributions to making our journey towards F1 in Schools™ World Finals 2018 a reality, your brands will appear on our clothing and promotional materials in any event our team participates in. We greatly appreciate your help and are looking forward to working with you in the future.

  • Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
  • PTT Lubricants
  • Insight Telco Co., Ltd.
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Bira Circuit
  • Cambridge Tutors College (CTC London)
  • Autodesk Inc.
  • Thai Star Shipping Co., Ltd.
  • Jorakay Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • CP-Meiji
  • Amnuay Silpa School Parent-Teacher Association
  • Amnuay Silpa School